Functional Patient Transfer Chair

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Developed as a prestigious alternative to conventional transfer chairs, VECTIO offers effici­ency, speed, hygiene and comfort in a state-of-the-art design. The ergonomic seat and back rest sections transform into a restful space by synchronized movement of backrest and foot­rest activated by a gas spring control for the least disturbance to the patient.

Standart Features
  • Synchronized backrest and footrest adjustment
  • Synthetic leather coated surface
  • Detachable cushion
  • Ergonomic push bars
  • Foot support foldable platform
  • Swing-Back polyurethane armrests
  • Height adjustable IV pole
  • Lockable rear castors
  • Fixed front castors
Optional features
Model number : Vectio Product weight : 65 Kg
Front castor diameter : 300 mm Rear castor diameter : 125 mm
Seat surface : 46 x 165 cm Sear surface height : 54 cm
Overall product size
External dimensions : 70x120 cm Height : 130 cm

Technical Datasheet

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