Operation Room Transfer Stretcher


Designed to combine hygiene and quickness, that are of vital importance to surgery rooms, PRONTO TRANSFER, is a synthesis of a highly functional stretcher and efficient sliding elements.

PRONTO TRANSFER’s  unique technology gives the stretcher excellent sliding capability on the under carriages to promote rapid transfer of the patient from non-sterile to sterile environment effortlessly and safely. To perform positions of trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg height adjustment, PRONTO TRANSFER is equipped with effective hydraulic systems that allow the stretcher to function also in emergency services than solely in operation theatre transfers.

Standart Features
  • Gas spring assisted backrest adjustment
  • Telescopic IV pole
  • Collapsible, full length side rails with safety lock mechanism
  • Easily cleanable, compact laminate two section mattress platform
  • 4 units of IV pole sockets and accessory sockets
  • Anti-microbial, water proof, flame retardant, air-permeable mattress
  • Detachable ergonomic pushing bars
  • Lockable castors
Model number : PRONTO TRANSFER Safe working load (with accessories) : 240 Kg
Maximum patient weight : Product weight :
Under product clearance : Caster size (single and dual) : 20 cm
Backrest angle : 0⁰ - 75⁰
Recommended Mattress
Length : 190 cm Width : 60 cm
Height : 8 cm Weight : 4 Kg
Overall product size
Length : 213 cm (±1 cm) Width : 72 cm (±1 cm)
Product height (without mattress)
Height : 76 cm (±1 cm)

Technical Datasheet

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