Standart Features
  • Constructed with medical grade polymeric structure to provide maximum hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Push bar
  • Equipped with functional drawers with key lock system
  • Lockable sharps container
  • Waste bin
  • Glove box holder
  • Height adjustable IV pole
  • Accessory rails
  • Lockable castors
Model number : TC Product weight : 60 Kg
Overall product size
Length : 935 mm Depth : 585 mm
Height : 100 cm
Drawer Dimensions
External Dimensions
Height Width Depth
Small size 76mm 565mm 510mm
Medium size 156mm 565mm 510mm
Large size 238mm 565mm 510mm
Internal Dimensions
Height Width Depth
Small size 64mm 518mm 448mm
Medium size 148mm 518mm 448mm
Large size 228mm 518mm 448mm

Technical Datasheet

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